New Cross Programme – Housing Weekender 2014

New Cross, Southeast London

SaT. 26th April & Sun. 27th April 2014

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Saturday 26th April 2014

The Library:

New Cross Learning, 283 – 285 New Cross Road, SE14 6AS

2pm – 3pm: Various Housing Shorts [FILM]
3pm – 4pm: Despite the City (1988) [FILM]
4pm – 5pm: SE London Co-ops Forum Presents: How Can Local Politicians Help Co-operatives Solve the Housing Crisis? [DEBATE]
6pm – 9pm: Grasp the Nettle (2013) [FILM]

The Cafe:

Café Crema, 306 New Cross Rd, London SE14 6AF

1pm – 2pm: Jon Glackin: Street Homelessness [SPEAKER]
2pm – 3pm: Owen Hatherley – Urban Blight [SPEAKER]
3pm – 4pm: Jon Broome – Self-Build [SPEAKER]
4pm – 6pm: Give Us Space (2014) [FILM]
6pm – 8pm: Housing Hangout Space, light entertainment and drinks

Sunday 27th April 2014

Little Homes////Children and families event
Date: Sunday 27th April////
Time: 2-6 pm////
Location: Sanford Housing Coop (House Zero), Sanford Walk, SE14 6 NB




Jon Glackin on……Street Homelessness

Jon Glackin from World Homeless Action Movement is a street homeless campaigner who currently works supporting those on the streets with soup runs and advocacy. Jon will be speaking about the encroaching criminalization and discrimination of the homeless, such as the Met Police’s Operation Encompass and the banning of soup kitchens in certain areas. He will also be outlining the ways in which homeless people are self-organising and providing basic services for themselves.

Owen Hatherley on….. Urban Blight

Owen Hatherley is a journalist and writer, author of several books and articles around the issue of housing and urban architecture, including Militant Modernism, A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain and This Property is Condemned. Owen will be speaking about bad architecture, poor design and the take-over of our cities by profit-driven corporativism.

Jon Broome on……Self-Build

Jon Broome, self-builder and one of the UK’s leading self-build architects who worked with Walter Segal using an innovative building method which made self-build easy, accessible, and affordable. Groups like the Lewisham Self-Builders adopted this approach in the 1980’s, and was later used to good effect at various sites in Lewisham, Southeast London, Brighton and elsewhere. He will outline: What we mean by self-build, What are the potential benefits, Examples of people who have done it, Who can take part, Participatory design, Low energy building and Sustainable neighbourhoods.


SE London Co-ops Forum Presents a Panel Discussion on: How Can Local Politicians Help Co-operatives Solve the Housing Crisis?

Co-operatives: Sanford Housing Co-op, Nettleton Road Housing Co-op, Three-Boroughs Housing Co-op. Politicians: Labour Councillor Paul Bell, Green Councillor


Film: Despite the City (1988)

Director: Spectacle Media //// Running Time: 40 minutes

Summary: One of the cutting-edge documentaries produced by the Spectacle Media, as part of their Despite TV series (eg Despite the Sun). “A scurrilous and irreverent investigation of the City and its colonisation of London’s docklands. Community based video at it’s best. A critical look at the City of London and the financial heartland’s encroachment onto the East End and Docklands. Despite the city leads us through the bizarre complexities of the electronic money and the (successfully predicted) market meltdown, to the untold stories of a community under threat. The tape asks, Is the meltdown of the docklands a myth? A facade covering the disempowerment of local people? Whose “opportunities” are being created and why? Investigates stories of corruption the tape draws a challenging portrait in which the voices of local people’s resistance are heard as they confront the planners and property dealers.” []

Film: Give Us Space (2014)

Director: Claudia Tomaz///Running Time: 70 minutes

GIVE US SPACE is a feature documentary attempting to explain the complexity of the housing crisis in London. Filmed over 2013, the film focuses on housing as a Human Right, following empowering grass-roots movements, self-organised events, housing struggles, and highlights the importance of resistance. It examines squatting empty properties and co-operative housing schemes as essential alternatives and community building strategies. Music: 52 Commercial Road, Ed Cox. Collaborations with artists: Morganico, Pete the Temp, Jiska Morgenthal []

Film: Grasp the Nettle (2013)

Director: Dean Puckett //// Running Time: 91 minutes
Summary: Grasp the Nettle is a documentary adventure film which follows the exploits of a ragtag band of land rights activists in London as they struggle against corporations, government, police – and themselves – in their efforts to create alternative communities outside the framework of consumer society. When an eco-village pops up on a piece of disused land in West London , film-maker Dean Puckett (The Crisis of Civilization) gives up everything – his flat, job and normal life – to live among its eclectic inhabitants in an effort to understand what makes them tick. […] Shot over three years in the aftermath of the 2008 banking collapse, Grasp the Nettle is an intimate exploration of the rise and fall of two radical social experiments, pioneered by the loved and the lost of a city reeling from the impact of economic and ecological crisis. In the process, it asks hard questions about the nature of freedom and the meaning of activism in ‘interesting times’. []

Introduction: poet, activist and all-round extraordinaire, Pete the Temp will be introducing the film, and rapping out some poems on housing
Q&A afterwards: Simon, a former resident of the occupied site and eco-village in Kew, West London will be taking questions and relating his personal experience of this inspiring project and others.


Sanford Housing Co-operative:

Address: Sanford Walk, SE14 6NB

Directions: down Clifton Rise, straight across Fordham Park, Left into Sanford Street until the corner of Cold Blow Lane. Look out for the mural. Walking Time from Point A (on map): 15 minutes

Established in 1973, Sanford is currently celebrating its 40th year as an independent housing co-operative. Tours will be running during the day, exploring the gardens, fish ponds, renewable energy measures, and looking inside the 8-person shared houses.

Tours Start: 2pm, and 4pm

Nettleton Road Housing Co-operative

Address: No. 8, Nettleton Road, SE14 5UJ

Directions: walk towards New Cross Gate station, past the Sainsbury’s, second road on the right. Walking Time from Point A (on map): 10 minutes

Nettleton Co-op was established in the late 1970’s/ early 1980’s, when derelict council houses that had been squatted were turned into a housing co-operative. Nettleton co-op is made up of a number of terraced houses on a pedestrianised street, and is renowned for its annual community street-party.

“Pop in” for a chat, tour, cake and info: between 2pm and 4pm

SUNDAY, 27th APRIL 2014

Little Homes

////Children and families event

Date: Sunday 27th April////
Time: 2-6 pm////
Location: Sanford Housing Coop (House Zero), Sanford Walk, SE14 6 NB

Creative workshop for children and families exploring alternative housing solutions. Children will build and decorate their own houses using cardboard and colours. The workshop is run by some of the Sanford Housing-Coop members and members of We Love Cardboard.


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Trains to/from Crystal Palace or West Croydon, stop at New Cross Gate

Buses going through New Cross:
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Cycle Routes: follow the South Circular to New Cross; Old Kent Road ends at New Cross Gate

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