Statement from Lancaster West estate Residents

Residents are “shocked and disappointed” at Theresa May’s ‘failed promises’ on Grenfell Tower fire inquiry.

Residents in the estate surrounding the Grenfell Tower today expressed disappointment at Theresa May’s failure to consult them on the public Inquiry into the fire, despite her previous promises to include them.

Resident Amanda Fernandez, said: “Prime Minister Theresa May did not even respond to our email requesting direct involvement on the establishment of the public inquiry. She has already appointed a judge who has told us the inquiry will be very narrow. She promised to consult us on this, but has completely gone back on that promise. We are deeply disappointed”.

Without consulting residents May has started appointing people such as Sir Martin Moore-Bick, and Sir Ken Knight, who residents feel are not appropriate, compromising the scope of the investigation from the start.

Residents say trust and confidence in the government and the inquiry are now very low, and residents are demanding the appointment of the correct people to lead this inquiry in order to prevent the same failures to be repeated again.

“We now have a complete lack of confidence in the inquiry’s ability to address the history of negligence that led to the fire, nor the authorities failures in the aftermath of the fire. For the truth to emerge and justice to be done we must be involved in shaping this inquiry” said resident Amanda Fernandez.

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