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Wolf in sheep’s clothing? How funding to tackle ‘rogue landlords’ has targeted tenants

In 2015 an RHN researcher submitted a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to councils to find out how councils were using government funds for tackling ‘rogue landlords’. The responses exposed how, in many cases tenants were left worse off than before, including being made homeless or subject to raids by the police and UK Border Agency, while many bad landlords  apppeared to get away without punishment. Here is the full report:


What’s Going On? Research leaflet and map

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RHN Freedom of Information request to the Mayor’s office about GLA land sales

Radical Housing Network submitted a request to find out the proportion of Gretare London Authority (GLA) land sales [Source: RHN City Hall FOI]. We found out:

  • Total sale price for GLA: £345m (April 2012 to December 2014)
  • Only 17% of housing units are ‘affordable’ which can mean up to 80% of market rate
RHN Case studies of GLA developments including short descriptions and proportion of ‘affordable’ homes within each development: GLA Case Studies


Guides to starting a campaign
DCH guide: http://www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk/dch/dch_infopage.cfm?KWord=campaignLCAP guide: http://www.lcap.org.uk/wp­content/uploads/2014/10/Building­mutual­support-