RBKC Council leader Nick Paget-Brown & Cllr Feilding-Mellen resign – ‘Resignations are just the beginning’ says Radical Housing Network

In response to the double resignations of Council leader Nick Paget-Brown & Cllr Feilding-Mellen, cabinet member for housing, after revelations that he valued cost savings above fire safety, a Radical Housing Network spokesperson said:

“We welcome Paget-Brown’s resignation as leader of Kensington and Chelsea council – it is inexcusable that he has spent this long clinging to power.  His council’s response both before and after the tragedy has been incompetent and callous; the only concern has been to avoid scrutiny. His appalling resignation statement shows a dogged inability to understand the concerns of the community he is meant to represent. Residents are angry, let down, and yet all Mr Paget-Brown can do is pass the buck. He is without shame.

“Cllr Feilding-Mellen put profit ahead of people’s lives – his resignation is a small step toward justice. He and his colleagues have been hellbent on regeneration schemes in which profit was put before safety and which are seen across the borough as tantamount to ‘social cleansing’ and an attack on the working class North Kensington community.

“These resignations are just the beginning. Criminal charges must follow for those responsible, and the recently announced public inquiry into Grenfell must deliver real justice. It must be broad, and seek to understand how residents voices have been systematically ignored for so long. Prime Minister May must keep her increasingly empty sounding promise to ‘leave no stone unturned’.”

Notes to Editors

Radical Housing Network is a network of housing campaigns from across London. Grenfell Action Group is a member of the Radical Housing Network.

Press contact: 

Joe Beswick – 07873557040

Radical Housing Network



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