Housing offer to Grenfell families

In response to news that Corporation of London has offered social housing to Grenfell families in a luxury block, Radical Housing Network said:

“We’re pleased that Corporation of London is offering homes at social rent to Grenfell residents – but let’s be clear this is the minimum statutory requirement. That Grenfell’s social tenants are offered new housing after their homes have been burnt to the ground following mismanagement and negligence is the least that should happen.

“It’s unclear whether these flats will be available to private renters, homeowners or subtenants of Grenfell Tower. We call on public authorities to rehouse all those made homeless by the Grenfell catastrophe, whatever their status.

“The Kensington Row development had an existing affordable housing quota. In many luxury developments, such as at 1 Commercial Street, residents of ‘affordable’ housing units are separated from wealthier neighbours by being made to use separate entrances and only having access to limited building services.

“We abhor the way developers of luxury blocks meet ‘affordable’ housing quotas by designing buildings in which those on low-incomes are kept out of sight from the rich.

“The key issue is that there are almost 2 million people on council housing waiting lists across the UK – including thousands in Kensington & Chelsea alone. Long term we need public investment in council housing, which will save public money over the long run. Currently, the government spends £23 billion every year on housing benefit which goes directly into landlord’s pockets.

“We need housing for people not for profit – and public investment in secure, decent, genuinely affordable housing for everyone.”

Notes to Editors

Radical Housing Network is a London-wide network of campaigns fighting housing injustice. For all press statements see radicalhousingnetwork.org.

Grenfell Action Group is a member of the Radical Housing Network.

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