Grenfell was a preventable, political tragedy – authorities must urgently act on promises to rehouse all residents locally, regardless of status

Government and RBKC must take responsibility to rehouse all ‘who called Grenfell home’ in the local area, regardless of their residential or immigration status, said Radical Housing Network, an alliance of groups fighting housing injustice of which Grenfell Action Group is a member.

Grenfell Tower was home to council and private tenants, homeowners, subtenants, and to many people from other countries including migrants and asylum seekers. Regardless of status, authorities must urgently ensure ‘all residents’ future safety and security’, a spokesperson said.

Radical Housing Network added that tower block architecture should not be a focus of blame, and that only reinvestment in public housing would ensure Grenfell marks a turning point in how we house people.

Radical Housing Network is demanding:

  • That all Grenfell residents be offered long-term and affordable housing in their local area – to meet this need, RBKC should buy private property and turn it into council housing.
  • That not a single unit of social housing is lost following the Grenfell catastrophe – this must not be an opportunity to denigrate council tower blocks with the back-handed intention of privatising homes or for developers to make a profit.
  • That public investigation into the tragedy (via inquest and/or inquiry) is independent, and has the complete trust of those affected. It should leave no stone unturned.
  • Long-term investment in decent, secure, safe public housing. Grenfell is the result of 30 years of council housing disinvestment, deregulation and austerity.

A spokesperson from Radical Housing Network said:

“We’re calling on the government in conjunction with RBKC to act on their commitment to house all Grenfell residents in the local area, in long-term accommodation which meets their needs  – given there are already almost 3,000 people waiting for social housing in Kensington & Chelsea,  RBKC should buy private property and turn it into council housing.

“Crucially, public authorities must commit to rehousing all residents to ensure their future safety and security –.Grenfell was home to council tenants, private renters, homeowners, subtenants, and to many people from other countries including migrants and asylum seekers. The council has a responsibility to all these people. No-one should be left in a worse situation by this tragedy, and the Grenfell community must be allowed to heal together in the local area if they wish to.

“Further, Grenfell should not be another excuse to demolish council housing. It’s concerning that amidst tragedy, tower block architecture has once again become a focus of blame. The problem is not council tower blocks, it’s lack of investment and a shockingly irresponsible approach to public building maintenance, safety, and tenants’ concerns.

“The UK housing system treats those at the bottom with contempt. Those on the lowest incomes suffer substandard, dangerous housing and overcrowding – whoever the landlord is. Tenants have few rights or say in their housing, whether they live on a council estate or rent privately.

“Grenfell is a human tragedy, but is also a very political, preventable tragedy. It is a product of a greed-driven housing system, in which profit is valued more than the lives of many people.”

Notes to Editors

Radical Housing Network is a London-wide network of campaigns fighting housing injustice.

Grenfell Action Group is a member of the Radical Housing Network. Edward Daffern and Grenfell Action Group ask that journalists do not contact them at this time.

Please direct all press requests for Grenfell Action Group to Radical Housing Network, we will be releasing more information if and when Grenfell Action Group are available for press.

Radical Housing Network aims to ensure that the voice of the Grenfell Action Group is heard, to demand #Justice4Grenfell and for all those who suffer under Britain’s broken housing system.

Videos available

A video interview with Pilgrim Tucker, of Grenfell Action Group, is available hereA video statement from RHN is available hereBoth videos are free to use with attribution to Radical Housing Network.

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