Government refuses to confront enormity of Grenfell tragedy

In response to the announcement of the terms of the Grenfell Inquiry, Radical Housing Network said:

“This is yet another refusal by the Government to confront the enormity of Grenfell, and the indictment of our housing system which it represents. Limiting the inquiry to the narrow ‘technical’ causes of the fire will produce a narrow ‘technical’ outcome – one in which Grenfell is seen as an isolated case.

“Grenfell has posed extremely serious questions about the way we house people. Those affected by Grenfell, the wider community and the general public want answers. Prime Minister May pays lip service to ‘broad questions on social housing policy’ and yet these very questions are excluded from the inquiry terms. Investigators should be looking at the social policies which allowed such a tragedy in 21st Britain, and the way these have created a housing system in which some people matter more than others.

“Yet again this government, who said ‘no stone will be unturned’ in looking at the causes of the disaster, is fudging the issues at stake, and ignoring the close scrutiny of UK housing policy that we need. Grenfell must mark a turning point away from a broken and profit-driven housing system that treats tenants with contempt, and toward a society that ensures good housing for everyone.”

Radical Housing Network


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