Counter Conference

Cities for People, Not for Profit!

The MIPIM counter-conference
67 Guilford Street, Russell Square WC1N 1DF
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Housing Conference Flyer both sidesHousing Conference Flyer both sides2


Thursday 16th October

Time Panel Name Speakers
15.00-16.00 Welcome
16.00-18.00 Mapping the Crisis Glyn Robbins; Lewis Bassett; Beth Stratford; Rita Silva
16.00-18.00 Blocking Evictions – Reclaiming the city from capital and state: blocking evictions – resisting demolitions – squatting – tenants control Focus E15 campaign; Maka Suarez; Cigdem Sahin; Julian Hall; Knut Unger (Facilitator); Merve Çevik; and speakers from other cities across Europe
18.00-18.30 Break Break
18.00-19.30 Homelessness and Precarity Sue Lukes; Gloria Dawson; Annie Pourre; Theo Middleton (Facilitator)
18.00-20.00 Financialisation of housing James Meadway; Louis Moreno; Mary Robertson; Ana Mendez des Andes; Michael Edwards (Facilitator)

Friday 17th October

Time Panel Name Speakers
10.30-12.00 Space – Architecture – and the Right to the City  Neil Gray; Douglas Murphy; Richard Lee; Matt Fish (Facilitator)
10.30-12.30 Public housing – privatisation – gentrification Stuart Hodkinson; Paul Watt; Nick Mathiason; Mel Nowicki; Helen Drake (Facilitator)
12.30-13.00 Break Break
13.00-14.30 Private sector – housing policy – tenants' movements Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth; London Renters; Witten Tenants Association; Wielkopolskie Stowarzyszenie Lokatorow; Christine Haigh (Facilitator)
13.00-14.30 Councils – capitalists – the State: What is the object of our Resistance? Natalie Bennett; Cllr Rabina Khan; Eileen Short; Unite Community; Lewis Bassett (Facilitator)
15.00-16.00 What is to be done / Transnational Strategies Plenary


Natalie Bennett
Natalie is the leader of the Green Party in England and Wales.

Merve Çevik
Merve is a member of IMECE – Urban Movement of Society, a network of urban activists and researchers in Istanbul.

Gloria Dawson
Gloria is a writer, researcher and activist, originally from London but currently living in Leeds. Her research interests include property guardianship and other forms of precarious living, and she works with the Hand Off Our Homes campaign against welfare cuts and sanctions.

Michael Edwards
Michael is a fellow at the Bartlett School of Planning and the Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL. He is also a founding member of International Network for Urban Research and Action, the Planners Network UK, and the Just Space Network of groups challenging London’s planning policy.

Focus E15 campaign
The Focus E15 campaign is led by a group of single mothers who were evicted by Newham Council. As part of their fight for secure housing for all, they recently occupied boarded up council homes on the Carpenters Estate in Newham.

Neil Gray
Neil is a writer, researcher and filmmaker. He is currently a research fellow at the University of Glasgow, working on ‘Neoliberal Urbanism and Class Composition in Recessionary Glasgow’.

Julian Hall
Julian is a member of the Lambeth United Housing Co-op, a campaign group against the eviction of long-standing short-life residents in Lambeth, and for a co-operative solution in Lambeth that will prevent the displacement of existing communities.

Stuart Hodkinson
Stuart is a lecturer in Critical Urban Geography at the University of Leeds. His main research focus is on the ‘new urban enclosures’ with a specific interest in the politics, policies and day-to-day realities of housing privatisation, urban regeneration and state-led gentrification in the UK.

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth
HASL take action in their local area of Southwark and Lambeth to mutually support members with housing problems, and fight for decent homes for all. They are a member group of the London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP), a coalition of groups which are based on the idea that through solidarity and direct action, ordinary people have the power to change our own lives.

Rabina Khan
Rabina is Cabinet Member of Tower Hamlets Council for Housing and part of a grouping of ex-Labour Party and Respect Party councillors called Tower Hamlets First. Tower Hamlets have expressed their opposition to MIPIM and withdrawn from attending.

Richard Lee
Richard is a member of Just Space, an informal alliance of community groups, campaigns and concerned independent organisations that came together in 2006 to challenge London’s planning policy and take part in the ‘Examination in Public’ of the London Plan.

London Renters
London Renters is a London-wide coalition of private tenant groups, working towards a number of measures to change the private rented sector.

Sue Lukes
Sue is a consultant, trainer and researcher, who specialises in migration, equalities and service provision especially local services, advice and community development.

James Meadway
James is senior economist at the New Economics Foundation (NEF), where his work focuses largely on developing responses to the recession and austerity.

Ana Mendez de Andes
Ana is an architect and urban planner from Madrid. She is a member of the Observatorio Metropolitano de Madrid, a multidisplinary project on gentrification, social movements and the city.

Louis Moreno
Louis is an urban theorist. He is currently completing a PhD at UCL Urban Laboratory, on “The Architecture of Financial Crisis: urban design and urban restructuring in the inner city of London and Leeds”.

Douglas Murphy
Douglas is an architecture critic and author of The Architecture of Failure, a new history of contemporary architecture based on a radical approach to memory and the city.

Mel Nowicki
Mel is currently working towards a PhD at Royal Holloway on the impacts of the bedroom tax and the criminalisation of squatting.

Annie Pourre
Annie is an activist from the French organisation Droit au Logement (DAL), which is struggling for the housing rights of homeless and badly housed people, and of No Vox, an international network of “have nots”, excluded movements and impoverished people.

Nick Mathiason
Nick Mathiason has been a journalist for over 25 years. He currently works as Business Correspondent for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. He is also Director of the Illicit Finance Journalism Programme. Nick was Business Correspondent at the Guardian and Observer where he worked for ten years investigating a range of issues including private equity, tax abuse and corruption stories.

Mary Robertson
Mary is a researcher at SOAS, working on housing and austerity.

Cigdem Sahin
Cigdem is an activist for the right to the city in Istanbul, struggeling against gentrification, demolitions and neoliberal urban transformation.

Eileen Short
Eileen is the Chair of Defend Council Housing, a campaign against the privatisation of council housing.

Rita Silva
Rita is a member of Colectivo Habita, the Portuguese campaign group for the right to housing and the city.

Beth Stratford
Beth is a researcher and activist, currently completing a PhD on ecological economics, housing and banking reform at Roehampton University.

Maka Suarez
Maka is a member of the Platform of Mortgage Victims (PAH) in Barcelona and also a member of the international commission of PAH.

Knut Unger
Knut is an international activist for housing rights, observer of big landlords in Germany and speaker/organizer of Witten Tenants Association, a local tenants union in the Ruhr area.

Unite Community
Unite Community is the community membership branch of Unite the Union. A number of its local groups are involved with housing campaigns and support work.

Paul Watt
Paul is a senior lecturer in Urban Studies at Birkbeck University. He is co-author of “Understanding Social Inequality” with Tim Butler.