Statements of support

Statements of support

In a just world, everyone would have access to good quality, secure housing, public services and community space. But corporate control and unfettered free markets are putting the profits of the few ahead of the needs of the many, meaning that billions of people are denied housing justice. We support the Radical Housing Network, tenants groups, trade unions and others in exposing the speculation and profiteering that MIPIM represents and their insistence that OUR COMMUNITIES ARE NOT FOR SALE!
World Development Movement

War on Want supports the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City; the Radical Housing Network; housing activist groups and trade unions’ calls for housing justice. War on Want believes that all people have a right the city. This right includes people’s right to reclaim, use, shape and remake our urban surroundings. The right to the city is people’s rights to live and work in the city. It is about democratic control over the city, with the right to access, occupy and use urban space.

War on Want therefore supports the call by housing and trade union activists to say “No to MIPIM” as we believe that MIPIM infringes on the people’s rights to the city because it takes away democratic access to the city by promoting housing and land use that is privatised and profit-driven for the benefit of the richest 1%, whilst destroying communities and keeping millions in poverty. MIPIM is targeted at around 20,000 bankers, investors, property developers, estate agents, landlords and politicians all of whom are seeking to promote private rents of up to 80% of the market rate. Their push towards global corporate hotel, tourism and leisure operations will see local businesses destroyed and jobs lost. MIPIM also has on its agenda the privatisation of health care in the UK.
War on Want

Those attending the MIPIM conference are responsible for causing a crisis in the supply of decent, genuinely affordable homes. From the Heygate Estate to the Carpenters Estate it’s madness that people are being evicted from social housing and moved away from places that they grew up in, with their ex-homes converted into expensive housing that no one can afford./
Jasmine Stone, E15 Campaign

We must move away from treating houses purely as financial assets to be shuffled around for maximum gain and instead ensure that we provide affordable homes that meet people’s needs. Our current system clearly fails to do that and MIPIM seeks to support and grow that failed system and the unstable, risky financial foundations that underpin it.

No mayor of London should be attending this event and I congratulate campaigners who will be highlighting his presence.
Natalie Bennett, the Green Party

As a national tenants union in the U.S. representing low income working, elderly and disabled people in government assisted housing facing cutbacks and privatization, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT) stands in solidarity with the people of London and Europe protesting MIPIM. Our homes and communities are being destroyed by global banks, property developers and investors, causing mass displacement and growing inequality across the globe, from New York to Abuja, from London and Paris to Mumbai. We must unite to steeply tax and regulate real estate speculation at global and national levels, fight for our Right to Housing, Land and the City and drive these vultures into the sea.
Yours in struggle,

Charlotte Delgado, President National Alliance of HUD Tenants

Developers are holding an entire session on ‘Exploring healthcare: Opportunities for the property industry’. The entire community will be affected by the sale of NHS land, but those sales will particularly affect vulnerable people who will have fewer hospitals and fewer A&Es. Hospital and ancillary health workers will be affected by these closures and sales.

When NHS property has been sold off, it’s gone for good. Only property developers will gain from these sales. Save Our Hospitals supports anti-MIPIM protests because we believe that public health is more important than developers’ profit.
Save Our Hospitals

We the ‘Community Food Growers Network’ fully support the UK MIPIM protest ‘Say NO to MIPIM: Our communities are not for sale!’
In the UK we have a dark recent history of land ownership with the ‘Enclosures Acts’ (1604-1914) where common land was suddenly owned by individuals, and normal people were either forced off the land or made to pay higher rents. Currently 0.6% of the UK population own 47% of the land in the UK.

We see the MIPIM process of councils and developers colluding to enclose more and more land for the sake of profits, and taking them away from communities, as an extension to the disastrous history of the Enclosures.

Whether it is land for growing food, housing, recreation, or energy production, we must have community access to this infrastructure and space in order to live and meet our basic human needs. MIPIM only seeks to further concentrate corporate control over our land- pushing people out of our home communities- as we saw with a CFGN member garden in the Heygate Estate, Elephant Castle.

We are proud to add our voice to a coalition with European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City; the Radical Housing Network; housing activist groups, trade unions, and say ‘Our Communities, Our Land- No to MIPIM!
Community Food Growers Network

Red Pepper fully supports the UK protest against MIPIM, the wider work of the Radical Housing Network and everyone campaigning for decent and affordable housing for all. MIPIM exemplifies the current unsustainable housing market that operates to increase the profits of the rich ratherthan provide decent homes for all. Red Pepper believes that everyone has a right to the city, and that in order to claim that right we need a movement that starts with the immediate issue of providing affordable
housing and moves on to the wider issues of housing justice, including wealth distribution, gentrification and the commodification of housing. We join the call to say ‘NO to MIPIM” and ‘YES to housing justice for all!”

Red Pepper magazine

Millions of households can’t afford to keep warm each winter due to rip off energy prices and Europe’s most drafty housing stock. High rents leave people less money to pay for other essentials including energy bills whilst drafty housing stocks loses household hundreds of pounds worth of energy every year. There will never be a solution to the housing and energy crisis whilst big business controls access to our basic need for shelter and warmth and is encouraged to speculate and push up the prices.We all have the right to a secure, warm home- No to MIPIM!
Fuel Poverty Action

The Grenfell Action Group are pleased to join the Radical Housing Network in the upcoming protests against MIPIM to be held in Olympia, London in October 2014.
Our Action Group is based on a housing estate in North Kensington and was formed to fight against the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council’s plans to immorally ‘socially cleanse’ our community and we intend to use the demonstration against MIPIM to highlight our concerns.
The Grenfell Action Group have been challenging the RBKC Council by staging direct actions on our Estate, writing to local Councillors to hold them to account, alerting the local media and by forming alliances with other West London housing activists.

Grenfell Action Group

In March this year, for the 25th MIPIM, we put together the case study for the Heygate ‘regeneration’, which was part of the People’s Trial in Cannes. We have been writing about the two ongoing ‘regenerations’ in Southwark, both at the Elephant & Castle and also that of the Aylesbury estate, where we are seeing the Heygate history repeat itself. We, together with a number of local groups, continue to do our best to debunk the myths of regenerations ‘benefiting people who live in Southwark now’ through blogs, press, social media, film screenings, discussions etc.

As part of the anti-MIPIM UK action, we had the local paper recently publish three pieces about this and the ongoing Heygate sale scandal, including an open letter to the leader of the council, co-signed by a number of local housing groups, asking that Southwark Council did not attend MIPIM. On 16th October, to coincide with the awards ceremony (Southwark Council has been nominated for two awards) at MIPIM UK, we have organised a walk around Southwark to highlight the disastrous effects of global property gambles.
People’s Republic of Southwark

I fully support the UK MIPIM protest “Say NO to MIPIM: YES to housing justice for all!”

​We believe that our planet exists for the benefit of all – not for the profits of property and land speculators.
Allen Smith, Henry George School of Social Science

We at Prosper Australia fully support the UK MIPIM protest “Say NO to MIPIM: YES to housing justice for all!”
Rental Backed Mortgage Securities, the increasing use of Property Options and the control that lobbyocracy has over our MPs threatens our right to a place on this planet. The myriad of tax loopholes, derivatives and massive infrastructure projects delivering windfall gains to insiders can all be addressed with a very simple alteration to our tax code. Switch taxes off productive workers and onto landowners. Land Value Tax is the best and fairest way to share the naturally increasing value of the earth amongst all. The property that IS genuine theft is the rising value of the earth, the economic rents. Why? Because it is community created. If no-one lived in London, what would happen to the Duke of Westminster’s land holdings?

Karl Fitzgerald, Prosper Australia

Recent work by scholars like Thomas Piketty and Joseph Stiglitz have shown the extent to which wealthy people rely upon resource rents for their income rather than on their own labor.

Students who have made efforts to assess the extent of rents in national economies conclude that they collectively amount to about a third of all income. This is easily enough to supplant taxes on labor and goods in the support of public services.
William Batt, Center for the Study of Economics

As a Catholic/interfaith advocate, I fully support the UK MIPIM protest “Say NO to MIPIM: YES to housing justice for all!”

​Pope Francis has begun to lead the Catholic Church in the direction that supports the work that you are doing. We believe that our planet exists for the benefit of all – not for the profits of property and land speculators.

A profound respect for the value of all life impels us to resist the exploitation of the earth and its resources. May your voices be heard in solidarity with all who work and pray for the common good!
Michelle Dugan, Member, Catholic Coalition for Justice and Peace

We thank the Radical Housing Network and the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City for highlighting the current housing crisis. We also thank Unite the Union Community section for supporting and working with the Radical Housing Network and the wider housing movement in London.

Capital and Counties Plc (platinum sponsor of MIPIM UK) along with their joint venture partner Transport for London (whose Chair is Mayor Boris Johnson) plan to demolish the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, 22 acres of social housing and the Lillie Bridge depot as part of the Earl’s Court Masterplan. This “Masterplan” will destroy an iconic, global landmark – comprising 30% of London’s viable venue space and 16% of the UK’s exhibition space – as well as homes, jobs and local businesses.

A part of London which boasts culture, trade, manufacturing, decent homes for the many will be obliterated for yet more luxury flats well out of reach of ordinary people.

Therefore we support the #stopMIPIM, #BLOCKBORIS protest on the 15th October, 2014.
Save Earl’s Court Supporters Club