Direct Action in a time of crisis

Direct Action in a time of crisis: where next for the grassroots housing movement?

RHN Housing Conference 14th November 2015

Direct Action in a Time of Crisis - where next for the grassroots housing movement?

The Radical Housing Network brings together over 30 grassroots housing groups from around London, fighting against gentrification and social cleansing; fighting for decent homes for all.

Groups within the Network have been at the forefront of the explosive housing movement over the past 3 years. From the community-led occupations of Carpenters Estate, Sweets Way and Guinness Trust, to the daily struggles to stop evictions across the city, the energy to fight for housing justice keeps building.

After 3 years of direct action and community organising, we want to explore where we’re at, and where we go from here. This event will be highly participatory, with plenty of time for group discussion.

Sessions to include:

1. Roots of the Crisis
How has capitalism created a housing crisis? What is the historical background to the housing crisis? What’s the role of national government policy, and of the global financial system?

2. The State: Friend or Foe?
What role does the State play in the fight for housing justice? Should we make “demands” of the State? How can we tackle the planning system? What are the alternatives to negotiating with the State? How should housing activists respond to Corbyn’s election?

3. The Activist Response
What lessons can we draw from our campaigns? What is the role of direct action? How does the housing movement relate to other struggles for social justice and against capitalism? What kind of society do we want and how can we achieve it?

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The conference is free and open to all and the venue is fully accessible. Please register for your ticket, as places are limited: