Damning MET statement indicates ‘culture of negligence at all levels’ – those responsible must be held to account

Commenting on the Metropolitan Police statement on the Grenfell Tower investigation, a spokesperson for the Radical Housing Network said:

“Today’s initial verdict from investigators, which could lead to criminal charges, is beyond damning. It is also an indictment of a broken housing model – one where council housing is systematically run down and tenants are treated with contempt.

“We now know that insulation and cladding tiles which failed safety tests were fitted to a block housing hundreds of people. Fourteen inspections at Grenfell in the last two years failed to pick anything up, despite initial refurbishment proposals and tenant requests for fire resistant cladding – which was never fitted.

“From the council’s estate management organisation failing to respond to repeated resident complaints, to the reported delaying of a fire safety review by government ministers, it’s clear that a culture of negligence existed at all levels. Those responsible must be held to account. In particular, Kensington & Chelsea council leader Nick Paget-Brown must answer questions on what appear to be multiple failings by his local authority and its privately contracted service providers.

“The issues raised by this initial verdict go far beyond Grenfell, and we must take urgent action to guarantee the safety of our homes. Only public investment in housing can ensure that we stop cost-cutting for the sake of profit and that council tenants lives are put before other concerns.

“People everywhere need and deserve safe, decent and genuinely affordable housing, run for the public good, not for profit.”

Notes to Editors

Radical Housing Network is a London-wide network of campaigns fighting housing injustice. For all press statements see radicalhousingnetwork.org.Grenfell Action Group is a member of the Radical Housing Network.

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