A Critical Analysis of Labour’s Rent Reforms

The post covers a host of links giving background to Labour’s Rent Reforms announced on the 1st May  in the lead up to the local elections soon and the general election next year. The general critique: “too little too late”, a half-hearted attempt to win some votes.

A Few Comments:
“The moves to ban letting agents fees being charged to tenants are welcome, but 3 years is still not a very long tenancy (London Renters have been demanding secure/lifelong tenancies which used to be the norm for council tenants), and the moves to limit rent increases are very weak (and won’t bring rents in much of the country down to anything like affordable levels).”///////
“We’re also a bit worried about the introduction of a 6 month ‘probationary period’ for tenants, which could potentially make us more insecure not less.”//////
“In my view, reforming private renting (if it happens and however partially) will be welcome, but only answers part of the problem. I thought the feeling at the RHN Weekender event on Sunday was very clear: private renters demand better conditions, but recognise the need for this to happen alongside investment in other forms of housing, particularly council housing. So far, I see little sign of the Labour Party having the political courage to challenge the home ownership orthodoxy and express the same pride in council housing as it does in the NHS.”/////

Background and Mainstream Media (MSM):

Labour Party Press: “Ed Miliband launches election campaign with rents pledge”
(The policy detail is hidden at the bottom of this document)

Owen Jones in The Guardian: “The foaming Tory response to Labour’s rental reforms stops any rational debate” (1 May 2014)

Inside Housing: “Miliband to announce Labour’s PRS plans today” (1 May 2014)
(comments worthwhile too; note: need to sign-in to access)

Thoughts/analysis from groups/ people involved in London Renters

Digs: “Labour’s rent proposal; too little, too late?” (1 May 2014)

Lambeth Renters:
“Labour talks of reforming renting” (2 May 2014)

Members of Southwark Tenants:

“Labour’s Rent Reforms” (A Handbook for City Renters)

“Rent Is Still Too Damn High – On Labour’s New Managed Rent Increases” (TMP, 1 May 2014)

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