MIPIM occupied!

This week we took on MIPIM, the world’s largest property fair, with a fun action outside the conference and the occupation of one of the student landlords who’s profiteering privatised student housing. Watch the video and read more here.

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Since 2013, we have been working to connect housing struggles across London and take action against the housing crisis. We shut down MIPIM, the world’s largest property fair, when it came to London for the first time in 2014, and have distributed thousands of copies of our spoof newspaper, the Standard Evening, to spread the word about the housing crisis and campaigns to tackle it. We’ve stopped evictions, run huge conferences and helped housing campaigners skillshare across London and beyond.

But with growing inequality, disastrous changes to the law like the new Housing Act, and profiteering developers constantly finding new ways to exploit our need for housing, the housing crisis isn’t going away – yet. We want to build a bigger and stronger housing movement in London and beyond, and need people to make it happen.

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Have you heard about the Housing Bill?

The Housing Bill, which has now passed into law as the Housing and Planning Act 2016, is set to destroy social housing as we know it, forcing councils to sell off their homes, replacing lifetime tenancies with 2 year ones, introducing market rents for all but those on the lowest incomes and funnelling government support into unaffordable ‘starter homes’ rather than the new social housing we need. It will also make it easier for private landlords to evict their tenants, and remove provision for travellers. You can read more about the problems with the bill here.


Activists from the Radical Housing Network are supporting the Axe the Housing Act campaign to stop the legislation being implemented. Groups in the network are helping to spread the word about the likely impacts, and we’re organising to prevent people being evicted as a result of rent increases or their tenancy ending because of the new law. Get in touch if you want to help!

Read and share the #StandardEvening future edition for more on how the Housing Act could affect Londoners: standardevening.com

The Radical Housing Network is made up of groups fighting for housing justice, based in London.

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Housing: Groups within our network work on a wide range of housing issues, including but not limited to, private renting, social housing, squatting, access to benefits, homelessness, and co-operative housing.

Radical: We feel we are not represented by mainstream politics, and seek to organise a movement for housing justice from below, across tenure, rooted in people’s everyday housing needs. We support a diversity of tactics, including direct action.

Network: The network is a horizontal association; a “group of groups”. We connect and cooperate with each other, across tenure, within and beyond our local neighbourhoods.